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Do you have a story to tell? Would it make the world more interesting if your perspective was different than most people’s, or helped shed light on an issue that needs addressing in society? The Vineyard House is always on the lookout for talented authors with fresh ideas about North America. We want to challenge readers and move this industry forward by creating more diverse discussions, so if you’ve got an idea don’t be shy! Write it here now before somebody else beats your deadline . Let’s make magic happen. 

Tips and requirements for getting your article published:

If you have a blog, consider it published. But before getting started make sure to follow these helpful tips for writing well-focused content: 

Keep your sentences short and crisp – this will improve readability tremendously. Use active voice where possible instead of passive. This blog is an equal opportunity publisher. We love to publish your content if you make it with no errors and have not been plagiarized! Your post must be original, spell-checked correctly for grammar mistakes – but most importantly: make sense. You can’t simply copy images from other sources without giving credit where due (and there shouldn’t even BE any image links). 

In addition, your article needs its own unique voice that fits well within the rest of our site while still bringing new insights into light; furthermore, please double check everything before publishing because broken links or spam will ruin all chances at success.

How To Submit Guest Posts 

After submitting your article, the next step in the process is: 

Our team will review it thoroughly and make sure that we meet our criteria for accepting articles. If an exception comes through you’ll be notified when its ready to publish! It’s important we know what type of content has been submitted so please send us some samples with new ideas on how they can improve both quality and quantity- there are no wrong ways or times doing this as long as all parties agree upon one thing – just do not forget about including examples from past work related toward these subjects because if anything shows up differently than expected then adjustments could need made right away before publishing begins.

It’s time to join the revolution. It may be difficult, but it will be worth every effort when writers like you are free of censorship and can freely express themselves without fear! But don’t wait any longer – write your own story now.