Rowan Gormley founded Naked Wines in 2008. Naked Wine is the first UK-based, crowdfunded winery. They source their wines from small, independent producers and give them access to an international market. 

The customers buy into the winemaker’s story and share in their success. It means that Naked Wine offers incredible value wines at prices up to 70% lower than comparable bottles on sale in shops or restaurants. This is only possible due to no middleman involvement.

And because the growers get paid immediately when they deliver, there’s no need for long-term supply contracts or expensive storage fees. So the money goes straight to the people who make the wine and help the winery sell excellent quality wine at such low prices.

With over 1 million members worldwide, Naked Wine offers something for everyone, whether you like red or white wine,  dry or sweet wine, fruity or earthy flavors, or young or old wines. Each one is available as part of one of our Wine Clubs or a mixed case. 

Naked Wine is changing the way people think about buying wine. They believe that great wines should be available to everyone, not just those who can afford them. That’s why Naked Wine works with over 2,000 small-batch winemakers from around the world. 

A team of experts handpicks the winemakers to make every bottle as good as possible. And because they cut out all middlemen and buy direct from vineyards, they pass on those savings to the customers in the form of lower prices than anyone else offers.

Naked Wines offers mixed cases also. Each month they send out a selection of six different wines to the subscribers. The customers can choose the wines from red, white, or rosé. Each bottle is full-sized, so you get more than just one glass. They also include tasting notes with every bottle, so you know what to expect before opening it up.

If you want to know the prices that Naked Wine offers, this article answers all your questions.


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