Seafood is a delicious and healthy option for dinner, but it can be challenging to pair the right wine. There are so many different types of fish and seafood out there that it can be hard to know which wines go best with them. There is nothing worse than having a fantastic meal ruined by a terrible wine pairing.

The key to pairing wine with fish is knowing which flavors go well together. This means that if you want your food to taste delicious, it’s essential to know what types of wines will complement your chosen type of seafood.

Wine is an integral part of any meal that includes fish or shellfish, but it can also make or break a dish depending on how well it pairs with the food being served. Here’s a list of wines that goes well with different kinds of seafood, keeping in mind the acidity, taste, and type of cooking.


The light and aromatic blend can be perfectly paired with:

  • Steamed Snapper with Asian flavors
  • Fried and raw seafood like oysters.
  • Aromatic Thai seafood dishes
  • Seafood based salads


Kinds of seafood that complement this medium weight, textured drink are:

  • Blue Swimmer Crab with spaghetti, chives, and garlic sauce.
  • Tapas styles seafood dishes
  • Simple grilled fish
  • Chargrilled Squid

Red Wine 

The medium-weight, flavourful red wine pairs perfectly with:

  • King salmon with warm romesco salad
  • City fish such as mackerel or tuna
  • Seafood with a tomato-based sauce
  • Indian flavor seafood curries


Kinds of seafood that complement this fuller, bodied drink are:

  • Barbequed marron with garlic herb butter
  • Prawn Risotto
  • Grilled Shellfish
  • Seafood with creamy sauces.

There goes a list of what drink pairs with what seafood. To know more about wine and wine pairing, visit us at


Why does white wine go well with fish?

White wine is better paired with seafood because of its acidity. The acidic nature of the white wine is like a squirt of lemon on the fish that enhances the taste further. The low tannin levels save you from the metallic taste you get after having red wine with fish.

What is the best wine to cook seafood with?

Choosing a crisp white wine like Pinot or Grigio can be perfect for cooking your seafood. It can add a lemony flavor and acidity to your dish, and everyone likes their seafood with a hint of tang.


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