Naked wines is an online wine retailer founded by Rowan Gormley, which launched in the UK on 1 December 2008. The business was started with £6 million of start-up cash but did not operate any shops of its own and instead makes money by selling wines via its website. 

A bottle of naked wine can cost around $18 to $25 but can be as much as $45. Some of the most famous wines from the naked winery are the sauvignon blanc and pinot grigio for which they offer various packages. Both types usually range from around $20 to $35 a bottle. 

Naked also has a full-bodied red blend that goes for about $20. The winery also has a black label option, called the “all-in red blend,” which costs around $30 to $40. The sauvignon blanc reserve is its priciest wine at about $45, while the pinot grigio reserve typically goes for about $35.

Naked Wines has no full-time or part-time staff;  instead, all Naked Wines customer services are carried out by their network of over 28,000 personal Naked Ambassadors spread throughout the UK.

The Naked Ambassador Network is named after “Naked Winos,” equivalent to wine aficionados or oenophiles. Naked Winos are responsible for Naked Wine’s seller rating system, which gives customers the ability to rate Naked Wines products after an online purchase.

Naked Ambassadors are paid expenses via Naked Wines’ points-system, which ensures that they give honest ratings and comments of the wines on sale and allow them to earn more. Naked Wines advertises a job position called Naked Winemaker, which several people have held over the past few years.

Naked Wines acts as an agent for small wineries worldwide and sells wines exclusively online. Naked wines offer wines from wineries it represents in return for a 15% commission on each sale.

It’s a new way of getting your wine quickly at your doorstep. You can choose between the wide variety that Naked wine offers, and it will be worth it.

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