If you’re in the market for good wine, then selecting one can be difficult. What’s better-dry or sweet? It sounds confusing when there are so many options out on shelves. To make your decision easier we’ll break down what makes each type unique and how its flavor will affect your drinking experience 

The first step to understanding wines is learning how to taste them. You can do this by practicing with your senses, tasting different types of wines, and asking questions about what you’re drinking. 

Sweetness can be measured by degrees Brix (a scale used in winemaking), but there are other ways too. For example, some people may prefer sweeter wines because they like the taste of residual sugars left over after fermentation has finished. 

Others might want their wine less sweet so it doesn’t overpower their food or drink as much alcohol content as possible without being sickeningly sweet.

Dry Wine

Dry wines are the most popular in the world. They’re perfect for pairing with food, and they’re also great on their own. Dry wines are made from grapes that have been dried out before fermentation, which means they’re higher in alcohol and more acidic. 

They tend to be lighter-bodied than sweet wines because of the lack of sugar. These wines also pair well with food. If you like your vino on the drier side or if you prefer something less sweet, then dry reds might be right up your alley.

Sweet Wine

Sweet wines are made when the grape juice is left on its skins after pressing, allowing it to ferment into a sweeter liquid. This process gives these wines their characteristic flavors and aromas, but it also makes them lower in acidity and higher in sugar content than dry wines.

Because of this sweetness, these types of wine don’t usually go well with food. If you love richly flavored reds that taste great by themselves or paired with dessert, then consider going for a sweet red.

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